The starting point for improving your business’s performance is to know where you are today.  To help you do that we, at Catalyst2Change, are happy to undertake an initial Business Effective assessment (BEA) free of charge (although we may have to agree on any travel expenses that are necessary).  We will discuss the results of this assessment with you objectively and without obligation – just call or contact us to arrange a visit.

No business can ‘fight on all fronts at once’ so to help you prioritise which changes you would get most value from in terms of improved performance the BEA will ask you to assess the potential impact of each area on the bottom line of your organisation.

As well as providing a road map for any future change programme, completion of  the BEA will provide you with a base line measure against which you can chart your progress as you navigate your way to improved performance  and start to release the full potential of your staff.

Before you can start on the road to improving your business’s effectiveness you need to ensure you have a clear view of what the end point of this stage of your journey looks like – you need to know where you’re headed and be able to recognise when you have arrived.  We can help you focus on what the future looks like and can work with you in involving your people in designing that future thereby ensuring their commitment to helping you achieve it.

Want to know more?

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