When you have a clear business strategy in place (see previous page) then we at Catalyst2Change can work with you to ensure your people plan underpins and support your business to reach its goals.  We are experienced at drawing up simple plans to implement a range of improvements that will release the full potential of your people.  The plans will be designed to fit your  business, your budget and reflect the resources you have available to implement them in practice but the most effective approach is an integrated one that ensures your:

  •          leadership and management practices are appropriate to what you are trying to achieve
  •          staff’s efforts are aligned to your business strategy
  •          reward systems support your  business goals and attract and retain the people you need to be successful
  •          performance management systems motivate and support your people to be the best they can be
  •          underlying management practices  help managers’ manage in a fair but effective manner

Depending upon the size of your business we can also advise you on an appropriate organisational structure to support the implementation and ongoing maintenance of effective management practices.

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